Full interview with Beth Mead in transcript

Hi Beth, thank you again for answering my questions today. Firstly could you give me a brief overview of your weekly fitness routine

including training and match play? Beth: My weekly plan dependent on when we have games would usually be Monday recovery after a Sunday game, Tuesday off, Wednesday and Thursday training and gym session which usually consists of upper or lower body either day, Friday off, Saturday is the day before a game so a light sessions/ pre activation and Sunday is a game. What type of specifics / splits do you do in the gym as part of your weekly training routine? Beth: Gym wise, dependent on individual but I would do upper body 2 x a week, lower body 1 x a week and then 4/5 times a week before we train we do pre activation and out individual exercises for weaker areas I normally concentrate on hamstring. How does training differ pre season to in season? Beth: Pre season is pretty full on, weights can be up to 3/4 times a week, more sessions and less days off. We do a lot of fitness compared to tactical work in season. Lots of football based running. During pre season do you have any specific fitness tests that you do and if so what? Beth: Yes we have four main tests which are: · MAS TEST- this is 12 lengths of the pitch as quick as you can. · Nordic Raises - for hamstring strength · CMJ ( Counter movement jumps) · Sprint test through gates -10metres, 20 metres and 30metres.

Which test would you say is the toughest? Beth: I have to say the MAS test, mentally and physically it is the worst test I’ve endured. Doesn’t get easier the more you do it. Who would you say is the fittest player you’ve played alongside? Beth: The fitness player I’ve played with and still do has 100% got to be Lucy Bronze she’s a machine in everything runs all day, powerful, strong. The complete athlete. What is your proudest moment within your career? Beth: The proudest moment in my career has definitely got to be playing in the World Cup last year, beyond words how proud and happy it made me feel. Representing my country in a World Cup was an honour. Who inspires you / who do you see as a role model? Beth: My parents inspire me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them they are definitely my biggest inspiration. What's the best advice you’ve received that has shaped your success? Beth: Talent will only get you so far, hard work gets you the rest of the way. I was lucky to be a talented footballer but that only took me so far in my career and to get me to the next level I had to work extremely hard on and off the pitch.

Okay so my final question for you Beth is this: You are stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life you have food/ water and resources etc. available to you but you can only have 1 artists music available, 1 film, 1 tv series, 1 famous actor/ tv personality and 1 famous athlete with you for company what and who would they be? Ooo good question! I would have: · Music artist - Jess Glynne, · Film - The Proposal · TV Series - Friends · Famous Actress - Melissa McCarthy love her as and actress and she’d be great company. · Famous athlete - C.Ronaldo Great choices thank you Beth it's been a pleasure good luck with the rest of the season.

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