Fresh start

So today I received my contract for the role of Physio Assistant working on the Neurological Ward at James Cook hospital. After starting work with the Stroke Association during lockdown as connect and chat volunteer, which has now subsequently progressed into a volunteer manager role, I found listening and talking to individuals who had suffered from a life altering stroke both fascinating and hugely rewarding. I find it fascinating how people can take such a hit on their quality of life and still be positive and determined. Sure there were people who felt angry and frustrated, especially at the current pandemic putting a stop to their physio treatments, but can you blame them? I cant imagine what it would be like to not be able to do the things I love most such as running, the gym, football and walking to the extent I am want to do them to and I'm looking forward to expanding on the volunteer role and moving into a more hands on and varied role which will hopefully enable me to help a vast array of individuals, assisting the Physio team in providing rehabilitation and life changing treatments to those who will benefit and appreciate it most.

28th September here we go!

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