Fresh (Cleveland) air!

There is nothing better than getting outside and getting fresh air.

Whether this is walking with friends, walking alone, walking the dog, cycling, running, skipping, dancing or just stepping outside to take a deep breath after a stressful day (or even a Saturday morning bootcamp ;)). Being outside as humans is our natural home, yes we've evolved and can now live under the safety and comfort of a house

but we all still have a human instinct to be outside. There's science behind it too, Vitamin D is produced in the skin in response to sunlight (also relevant in some foods) and primarily aids with the absorption of calcium and facilitates normal immune system function, meaning it helps to fight off nasty bugs and can prevent you from getting sick. In my opinion and this is also supported in numerous research papers (Gloth, Alam and Hollis 1999, Partonen bet al 1996) getting outside and getting a daily dose of Vitamin D really helps to clear the head and improves low mood.

Take some time for yourself and get your daily dose of Vitamin D - I love to run around the cliffs or sprint around a field (I'm a bit like a Labrador) but you may find that simply going for a walk to a viewing spot or taking some time to listen to a podcast in the garden is more for you. You do you and feel the benefits of getting some fresh (ideally Cleveland) air :))

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